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About Nordic-Art Co.operation










What is Nordic-Art Co.operation ?

 We are 20 artists of both genders in several age groups, represented entirely from the young artist talent to the still active in third age. We come from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Norway, Finland and Sweden and represent Nordic art.


This gives our group exhibition a broad picture of what is going on in the art today in the Nordic countries and great quotes according to how long in life, we ​​have had to fill them.


All are we educated at the academy or similar education in our country or abroud.


What our organisation is ?

  • Nordic-art co.operation is a collaboration between artists from Nordic countries. The collaboration is to welcome artists from other countries to another Nordic country with a joint exchange exhibition in the host artists' own home country.


  • The collaboration aims to foster friendships and cooperation between artists in the Nordic countries and now the first friendship exhibition is:


  • Denmark - Faroe Islands - Finland - Norway - Sweden,


  • where sculptor and designer Kristian Venäläinen from Finland (Finnish Kristian is curator in Finland),


  • Visual artist Anna Lindgren from Sweden,


  • Ceramics and Visual Artist Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ from Norway and


  • visual artist Lotte Kjøller from Denmark.  Danish Lotte Kjøller is curator for the rest



but these are local director of their countrys exhibition, and managers in their own country.


  • In these exhibitions only Nordic artists will be represented.
  • It is a prerequisite that you can make yourself understood in English to participate in this exhibition.
  • There must be both men and wemen.
  • It must be skilled artists for a great show.
  • as well as a space for young talents.




ESBEN FOG, Denmark


INGI JOENSEN, Faroe Islands



Why do we call ourself              Nordic-Art Co.operation ?                It shakes something in us!

We intentionally call the exhibition Nordic Art because we all are from Nordic countries and because later we can open the exhibition to other Nordic countries if the exhibition is a success. And there are actually many exhibitions in all the Nordic countries together.


The exhibition is called Co.operation because it is exactly what it is - a cooperation in Nordic countries between artists and art forms.

Co also means again and again,

and operation means, for example, surgical operations, which is a violent intervention. 

And that's what the exhibition is ...

Artist Statement: It shakes something in us!

It shakes something in us!

We believe that we as artists have an opportunity to change and comment on the world we live in. We believe that our friendship and collaboration will constitute a beautiful commentary on a hard hit world with war, unrest, competition and COVID-19 . We believe that we must work together and join hands in order to spread joy throughout our society. It will it provide our readers, listners and wievers with a sence of meaning in life and responsibility towards each other. We believe we can "shake" a hard-hit world with our art.

Right in its face...


We have spent hard time with corona, hard for all the people in the world - including us artists - to improve our talents and expand our project.

We have felt that adversity has been a necessity for our work.

Now, however, it is brightening for all of us humans and we see it as a sign that we must start our artist group work again.

We are more than ready to exhibit!

What do we expect from your exhibitionplace ?





We are looking for a wery big place to a 20 artists integrated exhibition of our works - where we sometimes use the composition of art types, different hangings and different formats.


We each have our own expression and background due to different art forms and different cultures, but common to all of us regardless of gender and age is the desire to work with and participate in contemporary Nordic art, and to mean something in the Nordic society, in which we belong.


As individual artists we for sure are different with individual approaches to ourselves, our arts and cultures, and thus our joint project becomes a manifestation of contemporary Nordic art, which we see as a strength and something special. We work with several art forms such as sculpture, painting, graphic, photography, textile, installation, sound and video

- and we also work in large formats.



You are welcome to contact us!

Exhibition places like Exhibition halls, culture institutions, museums and very big art galleries are welcome to contact us regarding an upcoming exhibition at the contact page in the menu.


The exhibition venue should preferably not cost the artists too much as some of us come a long way from to exhibit and therefore have expenses for eks. hotel, food and freight.


This site is in English

so we from the Nordic countries all can understand each other.


The beginning Of nordic-Art by Lotte Kjoeller

 Järvilinna, Finland


In the summer of 2019, I was working throughout Finland on a stay / residency in the art center Järvilinna together with a writing friend. Järvilinna is an area in Finland - yes, almost a park - where many Finnish artists live and work with their art. It is owned by a fund. There are such 3 places in Finland. The old manor house Järvilinna is located in Leppävesi, Laukaa, in a picturesque lake landscape. 


As an artist and writer, you can have a work stay and I therefore worked in Finland all July. It was great to get away from Denmark especially because I was stalked by many men at that time. The seriousness can probably be seen in my pictures. There were many things to think about and consider on this first trip to Finland so it was really necessary and beneficial for myself and my art. The finders are sweet and welcoming and many are good at English. The stay has meant that I held a summer exhibition at  Järvilinna Artcenter during the stay and will go back to exhibit more. It has also given me some artistic contacts here in Finland that I can use.


Some of the artists I became good friends with during my stay was Hannele and the other was Kristian. Kristian showed me his art and asked if I could arrange an exhibition in Denmark. This was the start of a friendship. I said he had probably come to the right place because I was also a curator. We sat down and planned this exhibition and website. We found some really good artists from different Nordic countries, we both liked. It was sympathy and love between 2 people and 2 cultures. So thats how Nordic-Art Co.operation was born.


We think we are quite similar. Kristian is a nature mann. I even have a "nature woman" in me. These 2 nature humans could well find each other. My nature woman is healing. She glows white wherever I go. Therefore and because my painting clothes is white I got the name "White Angel". They think I came up with something good.


Lotte Kjoeller from Denmark