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Lotte Kjoeller / Kjöller / Kjøller

Visual Artist Lotte Kjoeller in SAK Exhibitionhall in Svendborg, DK and her painting Childrens room 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 120x150 cm

Lotte Kjoeller and her muse Lars at a video about an exhibition Nordisk Salong, Dunkers Kuturhus, Helsingborg, Sverige 2021

Visual artist and curator Lotte Kjoeller from Denmark


I, artist Lotte Kjøller, born in 1966 in Køge, Denmark. I have exhibited many  places. I debuted at the danish Artists Exhibition in 1995 and got 3 works becomes the same place 1996. In 1997 I was on scholarship trip to Paris, where I studied at the art academy og fine arts Ecole Des Beaux Artes. Before that I was in 3-year apprenticeship with artist Jeff Ibbo. Now I've got the professional quality status both as a member of the Artists' Association in Denmark (BKF) and the Danish Writers Association (DFF) as an illustrator and poet. I have exhibited widely both in Denmark and the rest of the world. I paint acrylic on canvas. As an artist, I am most famous for painting naked people. I have done that all my life. I'm also working to put more canvas upholstery together for 1 picture and in all possible canvas formats. Moreover I makes installations, draw, illustrate, doing sculpture, teaches and talks. My paintings are always acrylic on canvas or wood, sculpture of stoneware, and lithography are stone pressure on cotton paper.

See my site: www.Lk-kunst.dk where there are works full CV, etc.



Our body is our mind's housing and is completely natural - with and without clothes. All bodies regardless of age, color and sex is beautiful. We humans undergoing a transformation in life. Both we and our bodies change. We must sometimes struggle to achieve our desires and emerge stronger/ adults out there - and ahead in life. Our naked body symbolizes vulnerability and honesty in art. This is depicted in the image, the color's height, depth and effect. The style is abstract-expressive with figurative layers as Bonnard and Cobra and the colour symbolic, sparkling with silver/ gold emphasis.


- Also Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden without problems. Only after the fall they got dressed!



1997-1998            Academy of fine arts Ecole Des Beaux Artes, Paris, France.

1992-1995            Apprenticeship v./ by visual artist Jeff Ibbo

1993-1996            Copenhagen University, History of art



2018 Blogger at the web-art piece “Blog ”Smukkeste kvinde” af Lotte Kjøller”

2018 Installationen “In the beginning was the picture”

2017+18 curator in SAK exhibition hall 2017 og vARTe exhibition hall 2018.

2016-20 Croquis events for Evendo & happenings.

2004 Installationen “Livløber”

1991- Arbejder primært med Akrylmaleri, men også akvarel, tegning, illustration, litografi, skulptur, lyrik, foredrag og installation



2014                     Skovlunde Culture, Art Association Ballerup, DK

2000-2021           Gallery Pialeh, Frederiksberg, DK

2017                    Frederiksberg Town Hall, DK

2009                    Pakhus Gallery, Nykoebing Sealand, DK

2009,11               Gallery Strandgade, Nexoe, Bornholm, DK

2008-10               CopenHart Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

2008-11               Gallery Claus C, Copenhagen, DK

2008:                   Gallery LB, Copenhagen, DK

2007-20                    Arthouse Kunsthandel, Frederiksberg, DK

2006-8                 Gallery Kellum, Copenhagen, DK

2006:                   Gallery ”Over Gaden”, Skælskør, DK.

2004:                   ”JP- gallery”, Copenhagen, DK

2000                    Gammelgaard, Herlev, DK



2021-22: Gallery Monat. De Los Estudios 7. 28012, Madrid,Spain

2022: Gallery Monat in Paris Artfare. De Los Estudios 7. 28012, Madrid,Spain

2022: Modern and Contemporary Masters bl.a Lotte Kjoeller, Gallery Artifact, Manhatten, New York 22 july

2021: Gallery Monat in Luxembourg Artfare. De Los Estudios 7. 28012, Madrid,Spain

2018-19                The yellow Villa, Frederiksberg, DK

2018:                   International Exhibition, Gallery Soppa de Asul, Gran Canaria og Las Palmas.

2018-19:              PAKS Gallery, "Kunst bewegt die Welt". (Art moves the world), Wien, Østrig /Vienna, Austria

2017,18                Gammel Dock, Copenhagen, DK.

2014 -19              "The NAKED human art": The Yellow Villa, Frederiksberg 14, DK and SAK Exhibition Hall, Svendborg,17,  DK.   vARTe exhibition Hall, Varde, 18, DK. and Pakhus Gallery, Nykoebing sealand, 19, DK.

2017                    København før og nu, BKF,  Copenhagen Town Hall, Copenhagen, DK.

2016                     Frederiksberg Town Hall, Frb selected exhibition, DK

2013-15                Havfruer- og frøkner: Pakhuset Nykoebing Sj, DK. Galleri Noerballe, Augustenborg, South Jutland, DK. Ganggalleriet, Farum, DK. og Bisbegaarden, Kalundborg.H.C. Andersens Museum, Odense, DK. Gallery LABR, Roskilde, DK. Copenhagen Town Hall, DK

2014                     Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, Berlin, Tyskland

2013                     Gallery Gathering, New York, Usa

2012,13,14           Than Mór Mail Art Museum, Ungarn

2009 Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Tyskland/Germany

2008                     Ino-Cho Paper Museum, Japan

2000+2001           Summer exhibition KS, Thistrup, DK

1997+2011           Round Tower, Copenhagen, DK

1995+1996          Autumn Art Exhibition KE, Copenhagen, DK

1993+1994         KOS - Køge Art Museum of Sketches, Koege, DK

1988                     Nicolai Udstillingsbygning (nuværende kunsthal)/ Nicolai exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, DK


Permanente Gallerier/Permanent Galleries  (selection / valgte):

2021 to- Gallery Monat. De Los Estudios 7. 28012, Madrid,Spain

2020 to- Artifact Gallery. New York NY, USA.

2018 to 2021 PAKS Gallery, MAMAG Modern Art Museum and Gallery GmbH, Blindenmarkt, Østrig/ Austria

2020 to- Fuglsangshus. Hørsholm, DK.

2020 to 2021: Galleri Lk-kunst.dk, København, DK.

2004 to 2019: Gallery Pialeh, Frederiksberg, DK

2008 to 2010: CopenHart Gallery, København/ Copenhagen, DK

2008 to 2011: Gallery Claus C, Copenhagen, DK

2007 to 2020: Arthouse Kunsthandel / Art trade, Frederiksberg, DK

2006-2008: Gallery Kellum, Copenhagen, DK

1999-2006 Gallery Nybro, København/ Copenhagen, DK



BKF – BKF Artists' Association Denmark. DF – DF Danish Writers Association, illustrator + poetry group. KKS Women Artists Society


SE full CV on Lk-kunst.dk



Lotte Kjøller/Lotte Kjoeller

Bogholder Alle 66 kl th. 2720 Vanloese



Mail: Lk@Lk-kunst.dk

Site: www.Lk-kunst.dk

Tel: +45 2383 0717

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Lotte Kjoeller

Empty Pistol

Acrylic on canvas,
60x60 cm


Lotte Kjoeller

Saint Hans
Acrylic on canvas,
100x120 cm

Lotte Kjoeller

Blood Moon
Acrylic on canvas,
1x1 m


Lotte Kjoeller

Lotte Kjoeller in vARTe Exhibitionhall 2018, Installation "In the beginning was the picture". Acrylic on canvas, Sice of 10x5 m or 1 room.

Lotte Kjoeller

The brave family
Acrylic on canvas,
1x1 m


Lotte Kjoeller

Bad Mood

Acrylic on canvas,
150x120 cm

Lotte Kjoeller

Acrylic on canvas,
50x50 cm


Lotte Kjoeller

Wide hips