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Kristian Venäläinen

Kristian Venäläinen and skulpture

Designer and skulptor Kristian Venäläinen from Finland

Kristian Venäläinen is a Designer and Sculptor. He is the artistic leader of the Finnish artists here in the group. We think that Kristian's sculptures are foresighted and strong. He lives in countryside in the Finnish forest in a Artcenter. He tells:


I have graduated 1997 as ceramist artist/designer from Kuopio Academy of Design (Polytechnic degree). Then I had a possibility to work one year at Rosenthal Creative Center in Germany. Also I worked as Head of Ceramic and Glass Department back in Kuopio and as Dean in USA at Finlandia University’s International School of Art and Design. Full time artist in Finland I’ve been since 2006. I’m living and working in Art center Järvilinna.

I’m constantly going through changes at my work, even though there remains some stability. Recent years sculptures made out of different materials like ceramics, bronze and wood has been on a main role in my production. I also like to combine different materials in my sculptures.

It is important for me to get to know boundaries and possibilities of the materials I’m working with, it also has important role in my creative work. I could say many of my works come out by experiencing the material through my hands while working. That is also why I love my main material ceramic so much.


Kristian Venäläinen: Designer/Sculptor

Järvilinnantie 213, 

41330 Vihtavuori, 


Mail: info@kristianvenalainen.com,

Site: www.kristianvenalainen.com,

Tel:  +358 400 294170

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1. Kristian Venäläinen

bronze, clay, wood


2. Kristian Venäläinen


3. Kristian Venäläinen

wood, iron, clay


4. Kristian Venäläinen


5. Kristian Venäläinen

Bed 2


6. Kristian Venäläinen


7. Kristian Venäläinen

Bed 1


8. Kristian Venäläinen