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Ylva Westerhult

Ylva Westerhult. Artist in skulpture and installation

Skulpture and Installation of Ylva Westerhult from Sweden

Educadet on:
2011 MFA in Fine Art, Umeå Academy of Fine Art, Umeå, Sweden

I find raw material for my work in issues that force me to define my realities. A reality that include both pleasant and unpleasant recollections. I am a receptor and my physical self forms the centre of my access to the world. Within the process of reconstruction, constructing and documenting my body, impermanence and fragility are recurring themes. It is the surface of the skin meeting the clothes, being my outer boundary, both separating my body from the world and a place for encountering it. I am a mixed media artist that finds and uses the media that best fits my idea. My work is my way of dealing with issues we usually tend to avoid in life. When in life meeting difficult situations, it can be an advantage to recognize
their existence, to see them, talk to them, let them become a friend, a conversation partner, instead of denying their existence. My focus is the process of how my body is in a constant impermanence and a way of dealing with my fragility of that ever changing balance. I use indexico, the estetic of the trace, as both the body and the trace have distinct fragile elements. I also see my work related to antrophometry, the measurement of mankind. I have gotten a rare prospect in life that I am gaining from. Because of an infliction on my body, I have gotten the opportunity to explore transgressive issues that has made me re-evaluate how to live my life. What I took for granted when I was 25 I have to revaluate in the morning everyday.
I am a public diary. I am visibly changing. I work within the same platform as Ann Hamilton. But I use different criteria to
harvest my collective memories; I build connections with my own past through the collective memories of my family. I nurture the past to understand the present. I am all about living. To understand that process it helps having death near.
Life becomes even more valuable when death is close to it 


Soloexhibitions (selection):
2017 St James’ Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Gharb, Gozo, Malta. 2015 Galleri Alva, Norrlands Universitets Sjukhus, Umeå, Sweden. 2015 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France. 2015 Konstfrämjandet i Västerbotten, Umeå, Sweden
2014 HUMlab-X, Umeå Capital of Culture 2014, Umeå, Sweden. 2014 Aadk - Espacio de investigation y creacion contemporanea, Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia, Spain (collaboration with Malin Tivenius). 2012 Galleri Art-On, Halmstad, Sweden. 2010 G60, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden

Skulpture and installation

Artist Ylva Westerhult, Malmö, Sweden,

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1. Ylva Westerhult

Syntetic plaster
35x45 cm

2. Ylva Westerhult

Cliff body
Skulpture left side
190 cm x 40 cm x 116 cm.
Public Commision
Store Heddinge

3. Ylva Westerhult

Exhibition "La vie Continue"
Gallery Alua


4. Ylva Westerhult

Botton of Life
skulpture right side
35x35 cm

5. Ylva Westerhult

Coal on paper
60x80 cm each


6. Ylva Westerhult

Botton of Life
skulpture front side
35x35 cm

7. Ylva Westerhult

Transition !
Analog 35 mm photo on digital print
55x45 cm each


8. Ylva Westerhult

Cliff body
Skulpture right side
190 cm x 40 cm x 116 cm
Public Commision
Store Heddinge